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There are basic pieces of information that you must provide your lender when applying for a lawsuit loan . This aside from your name, contact information and social security number. While there are pieces of information that you must provide to your case should be considered for funding company , you do not have to worry about your credit score or vetting , because it will not affect the approval of your loan application. You should be able to provide the following:

Name of the Law Firm . First things first, you must give the name of the law firm to the lending company , including its physical address , fax and phone number. Your lender will have to get in touch with your law firm to obtain information about the case and everything else you need to know to decide whether to allow a lawsuit loan or not.

Information about your lawyer . In addition to the law firm must also ensure that the lending company named counsel to the firm, which is handling your case. You might be confused if there are a few lawyers, which you have paid to fight for your case in court . Make sure that the name you give the same to the fact that your legal documents mentioning. For it to be easier for the company to get in touch with the right person to talk to, also provide fax and telephone number of your attorney. Make it known to your attorney that you need the money so that he could provide the lending company with the right information .

Details of the case . All lenders will ask you to imagine the situation of your case in court , along with updated information on its development after it filed a case. You may also be asked for information about the incident and a few details that led to your filing the case . If it helps, read your event details , so that you can respond immediately when , at the request of the creditor. Credit card companies want to know if you have a chance to win your case or not. If you have a fat chance of winning , the application can be approved immediately . So, make sure that you are ready with your case details when applying for a lawsuit loan .

Information about the defendant. Of course , your attorney can make all the parts are ready, but it is likely that you will also be asked about it so make sure you have an understanding of your business. Know the details of the defendant as to the information of the insurance man. If you are offered a settlement to the court earlier, make sure you also provide this information to the lender to whom you send a claim the credit application .